Judy’s Reiki Share



Judy would like to invite everyone to a Reiki Share this coming Sunday. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the healing energy of Reiki in an informal and casual gathering. If you have any questions Judy has provided her phone number below.

Hope you see you there!


Here’s the directions for the Reiki share on Sunday the 24th at 2:00.

Take Grand Ave. toward Wickenberg to Patton Rd. (just after the tower
on the left side of the road).  Turn left and follow the road to 207th
Ave. (just before you cross the canal).  Turn left and go down to
Morning Star Lane.  Turn right and follow the dirt road full of
potholes so be careful!  The first street is Grant Mine, on the right
and from there you can see my blue house with white trellises around
the front porch on the right.  The gate will be open so just drive in
and park anywhere.

27019 N. Morning Star Lane,  Wittmann  85361


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