3/15 Drum Circle Update


Tonight there was an unexpected disruption to our scheduled location at area 4 – the park hosted a last minute hay ride in the area where we had planned to meet. This hay ride was supposed to happen last week and due to rain it was cancelled. I am sooo sorry I was not aware of this until I arrived at the park. We moved to area 3 and quite a few people found us…but I’m afraid that maybe some of you did not find us and might have gotten lost in the shuffle. There was nothing I could do about contacting anyone – even if you had my cell phone, it doesn’t get reception at the White Tanks.

I hope that all turned out well for everyone tonight…we had a wonderful circle with lots of new friends from the flute circle and from the Mystic Hearts Meetup.

Much love to everyone. Namaste šŸ™‚





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