Drum Circle

World Drum Circle of Hands

Drumming is fun and easy.  Drumming can change your mood, clear your auric field, raise your vibration, increase your energy, and connect you powerfully with the Universe and those around you.

The Mystic Hearts Drum Circle is a spiritual happening and we welcome all respectful seekers to join our open, freestyle community drum circle.  Our ancestors used drumming to bring together the heartbeat of the tribe. Drums, dance and fire have, for eons of time, called humans together to gather as clan… in celebration, in council, in joy, as well as in grief. Our main focus is to have fun and create a sacred space with our collective energy.  During the process of creating music and sound, together we create community.

Drumming can provide a vehicle for expressing joy, frustration and peace. Drumming can raise energies and provide relaxation. Whether we participate for the spiritual experience, the emotional experience, the musical experience or the communal experience, drumming can bring a dozen hearts and souls to a dozen destinations. Yet we journey together…as a community.

Children are welcome – kids love the drumming energy.

If you don’t yet own a drum, we have a couple of extras and other fun goodies for you to enjoy.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact Esther Papegaay, host of the Mystic Hearts Drum Circle, at epapegaay@gmail.com.


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