Why Drum?

Drumming has been used for centuries in nearly all cultures for ritual, healing, and celebration.  This universal nature of percussive music provides opportunities for creative self-expression and for group participation.  Group drumming participants are connected to a common purpose by sharing rhythm experiences with others.

Benefits include improved health & well-being through stress reduction and boosting the immune system.  From a health perspective, group drumming promotes many elements of wellness including exercise, nurturing & social support, intellectual stimulation, spirituality, self-expression, and stress reduction.  Group drumming gives a sonic massage while providing a creative and emotional outlet.

Comparatively speaking, drumming is more accessible than other musical endeavors.  Drums are more affordable than many other instruments.  The learning curve to become an active drummer is quite short – it only takes a few minutes to learn how to get sounds out of your drum or percussion instrument.

Drumming can be utilized as a vehicle for education on the origins and traditions of ethnically-specific rhythms, to encourage cultural awareness, to embrace diversity, and to promote harmony in the local community.  Drumming together promotes cooperation, understanding, and the long-forgotten tradition of making music with our family, friends, and neighbors.

While drumming, participants are practicing principles of teamwork and collaborative music making.  We’re also developing listening skills, motor skills, and an appreciation for others in the group.  Plus, we’re creating a sense of belonging, community, and unity.

Rhythm is an inherent part of our lives, our communities, and our companies.  Just as every group is unique, so is each rhythm circle.  The spirit and magic of drumming cuts through many barriers, allowing us to unite heart, mind, and body while sharing our music and our bliss.

Source: http://www.drumforchange.com/about-drumming.html

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